Thursday, October 10, 2013

You are invited to tour 

The Holiday House

Tour Thursday, November 7,  12 - 8  Tour
Tour  Friday, November 8, 12 - 8
 Tour and buy Saturday, November 9, 11 - 4

$3 donation at the door, proceeds going to Love Inc.

The tour includes holiday ideas - that you can do,
or that you can buy (on saturday, or at St. Clair Consignment).
The event is early in November so that you have time to
make your own holiday items, and time to think through
getting a "wow factor" in your holiday decor!

"How to" xeroxes will be available for you to take, along with color samples 
of what has been done in the HOLIDAY HOUSE.

The tour includes the carriage garage, the backyard and 
the home itself.

It 's an itty bitty house, but it's PACKED with ideas and
unique holiday ideas, party ideas, and home decor ideas.

Join us and join the fun!!  

206 W. 78th Street
Chanhassen, Mn

Parking on Erie...  one house away.  

Questions, or to find out more, 
stop in St. Clair Consignment
7890 Market Blvd.  IN Market Square, just down from Cub Foods

or follow St. Clair Consignment on Facebook.

Back online and going again!!  And many new things at my itty bitty house.

Mainly, I'm getting the house ready for a Holiday House -  a 3 day event where anyone can
come and tour the house for many, many holiday decor ideas, and for home design ideas.
The event will be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday November 7,8.and 9.
The ticket money ($3) will be donated to Love Inc.

And I am having a total blast coming up with ideas, and doing the house.!!!

So to catch up on house ideas, here goes...

I've added a little chandalier sconce, which I never thought I would go for!!  (I thought it was a bit too
"girly" for me !).  I love it.  And I am painting a subtle scene on the wall behind it - what you see is the first stage of this mural.  It's a european country scene , and will be very tone on tone.  I don't want it
to stand out, but to be one of those things you "find" as you spend more time in the room.

I will cover and paint the cord so that it becomes part of the mural.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back from a break!!  Still working hard, and will download  pictures, but I want to take a step back.

When I visit people's homes to help with ideas or colors, I many times will ask them to come up with a list of adjectives that describe what they want for themselves and their familiies in their homes.  Home design is their to support what the families needs are, besides just looking good.  In my mind, a home can support the emotional, psychological and educational needs of a family!

Before you do a lot of work re-doing your home, think through what you want it to be for your family.
As an example, here is the list of what I came up with, and what I want my home to be for me:

                   Comfortable                      Welcoming                  Cozy
                   Sophisticated                       Happy                          Layered

                   Multi- use                          Functional                   ORGANIZED

                   RICH                                  Unique                          Easy to keep up

                   Calming                             Inspiring                      LIGHT FILLED


 This list helps me make decisions , and not be swayed by things I see on the spot.
I want everything I do to go towards these adjectives, and what I want my home to be.

Make a list!!  It's amazing how much it helps focus you and what you want.

 As far as educational - I especially mean this for when you have kids.  I have a chalk wall
in the kitchen that I can use to organize, but can also use for words of the week, etc.
Setting up a good work area is vital for good homework habits - an area your kids will USE,
so it needs to be set up for how they work and learn.   One of my kids learned best while standing up and pacing, so it helped to set up our space to accomodate this.  My oldest learned best in an organized, well prepared area.  My autistic son needed major sensory input.  Being a single parent with 3 boys, I needed my house to support this need, and take some pressure off of me.  So I put in slides between the levels, and a kiddie pool with kidney and garbonza beans that he could lay in.  I also added swings on each floor.  

My home was more extreme - but my situation was extreme.  Austism is extreme.   My home supported the sensory needs of my family, and it took pressure off of me.  That is what  a home is for!!

If you are wanting to make comments or ask questions, you can contact me on my store facebook page - St. Clair Consignment.  I've heard that some have tried to make comments on this blog and have been unsuccessful.  Thanks!   

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I took a break this week. The heat was horrid, and my little house has one window air conditioner.

I piddled and worked on a few little things.  MOre stripes in the hallway.  I spray painted the cover to the radiator.  And I found a little desk for my electronics.

My wonderful neighbors brought over a stuffed chair - for me to consign at the store.  It matches
my stuff , so now is the dilemma - do I keep it?  Is it a bit too big?  Sometimes I like big in a small space.   I'll live with it for a week and see.  :  )  It's all fun!

Thanks to all who follow this blog! I am having a hoot doing it, and having fun sharing my little house.
More this week as it cools off.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

This morning I am so grateful to be in my little house.  I appreciate it more and more every day.  Out my front window, I have a beautiful, full tree, that will turn to a gorgeous color this fall.  I have it set up so I can put out T-bone, my cute little dog, easily out front or back.  I have windows in every single room, so I get natural light  and use less electricity.
THe owners of the house are giving me a ton of leeway to work on the house, which is one of my favorite things to do.

I have so much to be thankful for.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Project:  The hallway

Again, not a project that was on my list yet (though it was in my brain, I must admit), but I couldn't wait after I found these fabulous frames!!

The stripes (my favorite thing - stripes.  I don't know why, but stripes just float my boat.  :  )  )
are 3" each, and using the existing paint color.  The owner (and his cousin? ) had painted the whole house this really nice beige with a bit on the gold side.  Great choice of color.  I just added the white/cream stripes.  I love the juxtaposition-  The modern and clean stripes, organized and clean verses the aged, traditional and not perfect "old " frames, and the other treasures I have found in recent years.  

I had imagined that this treatment might have made the hallway feel smaller, but I really wanted a layered look when sitting in the living room, so I took the chance.  And I got a really nice surprise!  It actually makes the hallway feel like a little room now, instead of just a plain hallway!  I love it!!  I think this is one of my favorite areas yet.  The problem: now some of what I'm doing in the kitchen feels too "plain".   It's always something!
If you get a new couch, then the rug looks old.  Get a new rug, then the curtains look drab.
And on and on....   And oh what fun!!  I'm still playing around with the placement of the frames, and what goes where, and do I use a frame instead of the cross, etc.  At some point, though, I'll just let it go and do what feels right.  The balance is pretty good as is, though i do question if the top empty frame (with a beautiful green velvet) is too "heavy" to be up so high.   Karen Larkin, a trained feng shei designer, taught at one of her classes at St. Clair Consignment that visual weighty things up high make one feel a bit "0ppressed" or that the room is too top heavy.  Karen is going to be coming over to help me out with a few areas because I want the feng shei flow for this house.   I'll blog with what she shares and teaches me!!

Keeping the visual weight appropriate for homes is a vital design technique in my book for a well designed home.  Too small and too many items can make a house feel too busy.  Too big, and having big things to high, can feel like they might fall on you.  And on and on.

Oh, it's never simple.  But it is fun!

New Project!   Living room ceiling/curtains

I need a new project like a hole in the head, but I added this one since I had a handy man friend come over to help me hang the curtain rods.  (I think there is a plaster wall behind the dry wall, and I have never hung things on this kind of wall).    

I like hanging curtains high up on a wall.  There are 3 options for curtain placements:  1.  hang the rod at the top of the window molding, 2. hang the rod 1/2 way between the top window molding and the ceiling (or crown molding), and 3. hang the rod right at the ceiling or right below the crown molding.

I want the curtains hung soon (temporary curtains are meant to be temporary, and not only is the weight of the temp curtains a bit light, but the tacks holding them up is not going to last), so the ceiling treatment needed to be figured out.  I had ideas, but  I need to button it down so I know exactly where to hang the curtains.   Since the ceiling has no popcorn (yea!!  that's a party right there!!!) , I want to paint it a very slight sky color.  This will go nicely with the subtle wall treatment I want to do (that explanation to come).  I also know that crown molding adds an immense amount of style to a room.  The problem: crown molding is expensive, and difficult to cut, so hiring someone to install it is vital.  Neither are in my budget.

So I'm going to make my own crown molding.  I'm going to fake everyone out (I hope).

Here's a closer shot of the trial area:

And below you can almost see how the finished project will look!  The little molding I added to the ceiling and the wall, outline the "crown molding" are the leftovers from the kitchen cupboards.  I will  most  likely be finding something quite simple - and hopefully very inexpensive (like a plain 1/2 round).

I absolutely love this fake out, and can't wait to see how it will elevate the whole rooms design and sophistication!